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"The story of Zelda is the story of revenge. Her early childhood is cloaked in shadows and the only thing she remembers are her parents and their cottage. Living near the Great forest that lies in the centre of kingdom of Bathrasia. Both her parents were hunters and walked the wilderness, selling their catch in nearby villages for products they could not make by themselves. When Zelda was twelve years old, learning the tools of the trade with her parents, they were ambushed by a large bandit group. Both her parents sacrificed their lives so that she could flee and survive. Her last memory of her parents is how they were mercilessly slain by the attackers. She fled deep into the forest, nearly went insane with the combination of grief and fear and anger and she get lost very soon after. After several days of her wandering aimlessly through the forest came the help in a person of one of the Bathrasian rangers, Raynon. He found Zelda lost and on the brink of exhaustion. She was fed and led to one of the small camps that the rangers use for patrolling the borders. There even they were unable to dissolve any information about how she got so deep into the forest and what exactly happened to her. They decided to help her, to take her into their company. Soon they discovered that she possesses unusual talent with the bow and that she is capable to evade the dangers of the wilderness with uncanny ease. Not long after that the council of rangers decided that she will be given full ranger training, despite her being older than the other pupils who begin the training. She spends next few years in harsh and unforgiving training, but at the end she was promoted to their ranks and taken the vow of the rangers. Newly acquired skills and training made her a perfect guardian, but she wanted something more. Not long after the tragic demise of her parents, Zelda promised to herself to track down the ones responsible for the death of her parents. Morning after her initiation night she revealed to Raynon that she needs to settle this down for good. Raynon was persuaded by her charm and promise that she will return to him and to the rangers. She was travelled the outskirts of the kingdom Bathrasia for some time until she stumbled upon the village of Drax. Zelda remembered the village where her parents would do the occasional business with outside world. Zelda was able to get the piece of information from one of the villagers and soon she was on the track of killers. The same bandits still plagued the region, acquired even an abandoned castle and title from local lord to protect the region. Drax was were her revenge started. One by one, she ambushed and killed members of the original bandit group. She remembered their faces and was able to pick up the perpetrators. A lone arrow killing the only one member of a marching group, dagger slitting the throat in a dark alley. Zelda sow the terror and fear to their hearts and soon only their leader remained. She came for him into the still ruined castle. Zelda challenged him into the duel in front of his remaining followers and killed him quickly and mercilessly. As he was laying bleeding and dying on the ground, she touched him by chance and, suddenly, she has overseen the entire scene of her fight with him through his eyes. This mystical moment shaken her and in panic she fled the scene. Zelda returned to Raynon and joined the rangers and she promised. Dedicated to stop as much wrongdoings and evil deeds as possible. Rangers never questioned her about what happened, nor they were aware of her unnatural skills acquired after that fateful duel. "

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