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"Omnian was born as a youngest son to a poor peasant family and as local customs dictates, he was sent to the Church school. His older siblings will learn the trade or inherit the land but the youngest will serve the Church. His physical predispositions left no one in the Church in doubt – he will join the ranks of Palasins – fighting hands and protectors of the Church. With them he spent years fighting the followers of the dark gods or nameless beasts terrorizing common folk. But his abilities came to full fighting in crusades that the Church sent out. Each crusade he participated gained him fame and fortune not heard of before. Omnian was knighted and then quickly elevated to higher echelons of the Palasins. There he could attend the councils regarding things both military and faith. And it was here where he began to question the Church. Omnian realized that the Church used the crusades to expand its power and influence not to bring the flickering light of hope and faith to the people, but rather to fill its own coffers. This caused a big disillusion in a hearth of an idealistic Omnian. He started to oppose more aggressive plans for next crusades and his popularity came to a halt. Angered, he even started to question the priests and the pillars of faith. That could spell the doom for him and so his old friends, now only a few, persuaded him to either leave the Palasin order or to face the trial of faith. Leaving the order can save his life, they told him, facing the trial would most likely end up with him being declared the heretic and burned at the stake. And so, not willing to die in vain, he left the order. On the way home he saw the aftermath of this last crusade. Burned down hamlets, killed villagers, ruined land. When possible, he avoided other Palasins and their crusading forces. But when he saw one of the Palasins leading a unit of marauders trying to rape a peasant girl, he could not look away from that. He charged and killed them, saving the young maiden – Ella. The two returned to his home village only to discover that his whole family died of plague a few years ago. But Omnian had some money and with the help of Ella they returned to the ways of his ancestors. "

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