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"Lady Luxianna of the house Methios is the sole child of King Bordan II the Brave. She is thus the only heir to the throne of Kingdom Bathrasia. Lady grew up without her mother, a mysterious figure no one dared to talk about. She knows only that her mother was not of the noble birth. She seduced the king and after giving the birth to Luxianna, she vanished as mysteriously as she appeared. This left the king a bitter man, never married even though nobles of his kingdom are still trying to convince him to do so. And so the future of the whole kingdom depends on Lady Luxianna. King Bordan II is thus tied closely with his only child. Spoiling her, giving her anything she want, best clothes and precious jewellery. As a part of her upbringing, he also called for most talented teachers to prepare Luxianna for her role of the queen. With her reaching the teenage years, she also received an education in courtly manners by other noble ladies. Luxianna however quickly gets bored by them. Everything is more appealing to young princess than noble manners and very quickly she discovered her body. And ways how to please herself. Very soon she found a group of similarly thinking persons and she enjoyed many interesting experiences with both men and women of the kingdom. This did not go unnoticed in certain cycles and the rumours of her lustful nature sparked a shady plan. A wicked cult following the dark god of pleasure schemed a plot for scandal which will disgrace lady Luxianna. This will force her father to denounce her and free the throne for some other noble house. Luckily for Luxianna, the man sent by the cult fell in love with a young princess and turned upon the schemers. That man was Hurtado, captain of the castle guard. Young princess and captain then spend a lot of time together. Hurtado trained Luxianna in a swordfight and horseback riding, calming her rebellious nature and preventing other plots to success. In time however, King Bordan II decided that it was time to marry his daughter to another noble lord to secure the throne for her. That meant that Luxianna and Hurtado would spend a lot less time together. A prospect which neither of them liked. "

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