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"The way of the monk is a journey that never ends when one is fully committed. It does not matter whether one is studying in monastery halls, meditates in solitude or walking the lands in pursuit of wisdom. It is a lifelong journey. This is also the way of L-Jin, a monk who follows the Temple of the Red Rose teachings. Introduced to the temple at the age of 4, he turned out to be a very promising student who regularly physically outperformed his peers. At the age of 9 he finished the martial arts training. First student in three hundred years to pass that training so young. Grandmaster Boa, impressed by L-JinĀ“s talent and skills, took a personal interest to train L-Jin. And so the young monk progressed, trained ever harder and pushed his limits often in seemingly impossible tasks. But using his wits and strength, he overcame every obstacle. This hardship however left him frustrated. Each time when he finished one impossible task, grandmaster presented him with a new one. There was no respite, no time for L-Jin to rest. He started to avoid people even his friends. His world shrank to meditation and training only. This, as predicted by grandmaster, showed L-Jin dangers of the way of the monk. Peace of mind, before so ever-present in his mind, was now gone. With that even his education suffered. By using this method, grandmaster Boa showed young pupil that that not every task needs to be done, not every skill can be mastered. One needs to focus and think. That lesson in modesty and reason was as important to L-Jin as any other physical one. When he was sure that L-Jin learned this lesson well, grandmaster Boa decided to send a young monk to wander the lands. To learn the ways of common people. To watch their petty lives, to experience the world outside the monastery. And to inquire in one very particular matter. With this task done, grandmaster promised L-Sin, he will be introduced to the brotherhood of monks thus finishing his training days. "

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