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"Daria was born to a peasant family as the youngest of 7 kids. Her parents were poor peasants living in the village of Rizna and they worked on the fields of the local baroness of Redfield, barely able to sustain their big family. All siblings therefore had to contribute their share to work. Very soon was clear that Daria is not the smartest of the siblings. Not able to read or count properly, nor showing any willingness to learn. But on the other hand, she was blessed with a vigorous body, and her stunning looks helped her to get all the attention of local boys. She realized very quickly that she can get most of the things she wants using her body. And she liked that. Soon, she even helped her family to get new clothes, boots or even food during the harsh winters so common in Rizna. But as the years went on, she realized that her suitors do want only the pleasures and entertainment she provides, not to spend the rest of their lives with her. And as her siblings married and moved with their families, she grew restless more and more. She started to despise men, convinced that her loneliness is their doing. At the age of 34, when her life already looked bleak, she met Gordon. Gordon was a trader and innkeeper passing through the barony. The two quickly grew fond of each other despite Daria’ s reputation and age. She returned with Gordon to his inn and they wed a few months after they met. After all previous years, Daria finally felt some happiness in being an innkeeper's wife, serving food and drinks and having the husband who cared about her. Constant looks, shouts and harassment from mercenaries, travelers, merchants and other customers rekindled her hate of men again. Her happiness was short-lived though. Not a full year after their wedding, during the season of the Storms, Gordon went outside to chop wood, but a great storm came suddenly and surprised Gordon in the forest. Strong winds broke many trees that day and in a stroke of a tragedy, one tree fell upon Gordon, killing him instantly. Daria was heartbroken after she lost the only man that ever cared for her, but having nowhere to go and not wishing to return home, she had to bury her husband and carry on with the inn. And since she was still a beautiful woman, she tried to forget in the arms of her customers. Her mood worsened, her hate deepened and her spiteful soul only grew stronger by each day. By each man she slept with. By each glimpse of memory of her brief happiness. "

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