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"The Order of the Balance was founded a long time ago in the aftermath of the Time of Chaos, when the gods and monsters walked and battled upon the world, bringing destruction and death upon mortals. Their duty is to protect the world by balancing the powers between mortals, avatars of gods and monsters. This is the task for Balancers, well trained warriors of the order. They are raised and trained by the order, most commonly orphans or unwanted kids. Trained in various combat styles both physical and magical, they can handle almost any danger threatening the balance. Their life is often short and violent one, literally balancing on the sword's edge. Not many members of the Order will grow old, but there are few legends who managed to outsmart death. At least for now. Dalian is one of them, one of the oldest balancers in the Kingdom of Bathrasia. He survived against all odds, fighting monsters and avatars as well as humans who served these evil forces. All this bloodshed, hardship and countless horrors took a heavy toll upon his mind. He tries to ease his mind and so he spends a lot of time and money on booze and women. The Order of the Balance somehow tolerates this behavior as there are not many balancers left and each still in service can make a difference. When portents and prophecies started to appear however, the Order approached all balancers currently in the Kingdom of Bathrasia and tasked them with a dangerous and unusual mission: to stop the incoming darkness. How? That is the catch, no one really knows how. And who will be the harbinger. "

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