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Our story began several years ago. I was just a regular guy, constantly angry at the fact there aren’t any good fantasy stories out there anymore. The stuff available out there was just production line fluff, cobbled together by some corporate bigwigs who couldn’t give two damp shits about the community or the fans of these stories. Much less about any feedback they might have. So, at the heart of the matter I kept asking myself, what if the fans themselves had the ability to vote and decide key factors of the story? What characters would be included, what would their intentions and decisions be? What equipment should they wear and a gazillion other questions. These are things some guy in a suit sitting behind a desk in some office can’t possibly answer. The long and short of it is, they have no idea. All these people care about at the end of the day is turning a profit. Deposit a few million into the company’s bank account, get their paychecks, and laugh all the way to the bank, thinking whether or not they should buy their fifth house or seventeenth car. I’ve done a lot of research and came to the inevitable conclusion that if nobody steps up and does something about it, this clusterfuck of a situation will just carry on. I decided that, even with my limited resources and knowledge, I’ll try and start something that hopefully, the community will then support and allow to grow and continue. I wanted to be the spark of change, the spark that would eventually start a wildfire. Every big change always starts with a single step, from a single individual after all. Therefore, I started planning, asking, researching, gathering information, people, experts in the field, everything it would require. Boy, how naive I was. I quickly realized that this is too big of an undertaking for just one guy. I realized that without a team of dedicated individuals to carry out planning, prepwork, scripts, creation of heroes, costumes and a million other things this would be nothing short of impossible. Just like everybody else only just starting out in this field, we’ve suffered our fair share of setbacks, pitfalls and mistakes. What you currently see is the result of approximately 3 years of work. We’ve laid the groundwork and now, it is up to you, the fans, the community to decide how far this project that started a long time ago as a simple conversation in a bar with the words “What if…” will go.


The origins of the project were, unfortunately, lost to time, though we think we started out about 3 years ago. We came up with the basic concept and what we’d like to achieve in January 2017. Along the way and several tough decisions later, we decided to start from scratch, with our primary focus being the integration of the community on a level never seen before. We’d start by laying out the basic story, with only minimal hints as to who the heroes are and what they do, keep it as barebones as possible so that the brunt of the decision as to how the story develops is left to the fans. Will the heroes succeed? What hardships will they be forced to endure along the way? Who will win? How and why? These are all questions for which you, as the viewers hold the answers. Currently, the project is finished to the point that we have several options available for you to vote on, and decide how the story will be handled. Around March 2019 all the preparations were made, at least, we thought so, and we started shooting. We won’t bore you with all the little and big things that were involved with that. Suffice to say, if you’ve ever had to work with a large group of people, you’ll know it’s not easy. Blood, sweat, tears, joy, suffering and happiness in equal measure. Eventually, after several months of shooting, we had the core material. Soon after, we once again hit the studio, to take that material and carve something resembling a story out of it, so we could present it to you on this website. From now on, you can expect to vote about every major turning point and development in the story. So how this story goes, depends on your votes. The power to change the fate of our heroes is in your hands.


Our first goal was a successful community-driven story. That is still one of our main goals. However, over time as production progressed, and we as producers became more experienced, it was clear that to truly succeed, it’s not only the story that matters. For us to be able to call this project a success, we want as many of the participants to be satisfied. We now know that the business or acting, and pornography can be extremely one-sided, where only a handful of people benefit from it. To try and combat this, it was our intention from the start to give our actors the possibility of acting outside of the usual physical performance in a scene, a chance to really act and perform, and prove they could be a complete actor. As such, we made the decision to give them above average wages, to incentivize them to improve their craft and be able to do everything that entails. Be it physical training, vocal training etc. As stated before, we wanted the community to decide how the story develops, and provide them with the tools to accomplish this. Our goal here is not to make a pile of money, and then promptly piss off. We want this project to be something unique, something that withstands the test of time. We think that the concept of interaction between the community and the creators is something that is as of yet unexplored territory, yet holds a lot of potential. With that we find ourselves yet again at the basic question. What if, through this interaction, if not all, then at least most of the people participating could be satisfied? Our biggest goal is to start a revolution in how filming and porn production is approached and executed, and maybe, just maybe, change it even if just a little. Put the customer at the heart of everything, and make it a little more acceptable and rewarding for the people involved in the project. That is the ultimate and real goal since day 1, and it will remain the goal for aslong as we are around.